Dogs require plenty of exercise and stimulation. Evidence shows that bad behaviours such as barking, chewing the sofas and/or carpets and bad manners are very common when dogs become bored and lonely. Physical and mental stimulation are the best ways to prevent this!


Walkies is designed to fit around your routine, whether you are absent from home or working long hours. Our service is also greatly appreciated by the elderly or those who find it difficult to walk their dogs regularly.

What we offer

  • SOLO WALKS (30 minutes/60 minutes)

  • GROUP WALKS (30 minutes/60 minutes)

There a so many benefits to group walks. If your dog is well-socialised, we highly recommend requesting a group walk.

We are always happy to tailor our services to your needs so no matter how difficult you think the request is, we will always strive meet your requirements!


For enquiries, contact us via phone: 07794 819673 or via email: info@walkiesuk.co.uk


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