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Why did I set up Walkies nearly a decade ago?


My whole life I have been obsessed with dogs/animals and their welfare. Ten years ago, I left the corporate world of finance to start looking after the most wonderful fur babies and I have not looked back since. 

I own Rhodesian Ridgebacks and utterly adore them. I have also adopted a teeny tiny Chi recently and I definitely get some looks walking him with my Ridgeys! :-)

I spend my spare time rescuing dogs that need new homes and taking in Ridgebacks specifically that need a stable and kind home. The more the merrier!

When I get the odd occasion off, I like to disappear for weekends away with my own dogs so I'm basically always with doggies because I love them so much!

Walkies has really grown from strength to strength during the past few years. I now have a whole team, the most wonderful people ever, to help me look after them all. My amazing team share the same passion as I do for the welfare and happiness of the animals in our care. We offer a 5 star service throughout and we offer every service to help you with all your doggy care needs!

Here's to many more years looking after all of our doggies!




Dogs have always been a big part of my life, right from when I was born. I always dreamed of having my own dogs (you can never have too many!).

In 2016, along came Bentley, my little happy Frenchie! I later decided in late 2018 to get him a brother! So along came Tommy, my crazy Working Cocker Spaniel. A lot of people thought I was mad getting two completely different breeds, however they are the best of friends and wouldn't be without each other!

I have been working with Walkies for a few years now. Starting off as a walker before becoming the manager, working alongside Sam to help the team, you as customers and still being able to go out and see all of our amazing animals we look after.

My boys probably like it more than I do, being able to come and play everyday and have dogs come for sleepovers! My boys have helped lots of our customers' dogs also from helping them socialise as a puppy to teaching dogs manners! (Tommy picked this up from Sam's Bella when he was a puppy and she was teaching him- we class him as a mini ridgey!)

It's safe to say I have the best job ever!


Supervisor/Social Media

Since I was very young, I have always loved being around dogs. Our family dog was a smooth-haired collie and he and I grew up together. When we lost him in 2018, it left me devastated and realising I needed to be around dogs for a living!

After Alfie, we took in a Springer Spaniel who needed re-homing and now realise just how lucky we got! She is perfect and now my companion. She's a very typical Spaniel who is aptly named Puddle.

I started working for Sam nearly two years ago and have spent that time falling in love with all of your doggies. I enjoy nothing more than a walk with a bunch of happy doggies!

I stepped up to Supervisor in January 2020 to help support our team and am now in charge of our social media pages which I love doing. To enhance my experience with Walkies, I have just completed a diploma in Canine Behaviour & Training and am undergoing an online diploma in Dog Training.

The Walkies Team are all so supportive of one another and incredibly dedicated to our jobs, I am very lucky to be part of such a great team!


Hi, I'm Euan! 

I live in Leybourne with my wife, Becca, our two dogs, a cat and very old Terrapin! We also own three horses so it is clear we're both pet-lovers!

I love dog-walking and being able to explore the local countryside. I always make sure every dog I take out has an enjoyable (and tiring!) experience.


I grew up with dogs and animals and my love for them continues although my previous work didn't afford me the time to look after one. Perhaps soon...

I live in West Malling with my wife and two children alongside a growing family of pets. 

I have spent the last 30+ years working in the West End Theatre, most recently managing three theatres along with the world's longest running production, The Mousetrap! I also produced shows for my own company including many shows at Edinburgh's Fringe Festival, a UK Tour, a run Off-Broadway in New York and was also involved in Jean Paul Gaultier's Fashion Freak Show in 2019.

I have now swapped actors and a luvvie life for dogs and the outdoors. It is certainely safe to say I have a far better work-life balance these days.

I love dogs, I love walking, it's the perfect way to spend your day!


Hi I’m Tasha.

I am considered by my friends and family to be a crazy dog lady! Dogs are my passion and I love being able to look after them. Working for Walkies is a dream come true as I thoroughly enjoy being out and about with all the lovely doggies we walk. Getting to see them enjoying their walks is so rewarding!


I don’t currently have my own dog but am Step-Mum to my Auntie's Miniature Jack Russell, Angus (shown in the picture) and her Miniature Pinscher x Chihuahua, Dizzy. I am also currently training to be a dog groomer.


You could say I’ve been dog obsessed since the womb. My mum had two dogs before having me, father Chad and daughter Nelly. I had a tendency to keep my mum up at night kicking inside her big pregnant belly, nelly would come and lay next to my Mum and she would settle my kicking so my mum was able to sleep. She was then referred to as our “saviour.” I later grew to believe nelly was actually my sister, we grew a true bond that’s for sure. 
I’ve also had many cats, my tortoiseshell beauty Luna is currently queen of our household.
Since leaving home and moving in with my partner we decided to start our own family by bringing home our Border Collie, Barney. He is without a doubt the most amazing thing that has happen to both of us and our lives revolve around him. 
The joy he brings me made me realise I need more dogs in my life as soon as possible, now here I am walking your lovely fur babies and I really couldn’t be happier. 
The Walkies team are amazing, I feel truly lucky to be working alongside such an supportive team.


I am 18 years old and have just finished college studying Level 3 Business Studies. I'm now awaiting University!

On the side, as my amazing part-time job, I am part of The Walkies Team. Together we give a lot of love to all our doggies through adventurous walks and loving cuddles. Being a part of Walkies helps to fulfil my love and passion for dogs and all animals!

I've also grown up around horses all my life, they bring me as much joy as doggies! Horse Riding and Eventing has been something that I have taken part in from a young age and has shaped my true passion for all animals.


I have always been passionate about dogs and have been donating regularly to street dog charities. 

At present, we have a cat at home and on a regular basis have a Border Terrier called Cara come to stay for sleepovers, she is such a joy to be around and loves to sit on our laps.

Not all people understand that dogs have so much love to give and are extremely loyal to their owners.

I am really enjoying being part of the Walkies team and will treat all your furbabies with the utmost care and compassion.



I'm enjoying a change of career, from being a solicitor, that allows me to work with the animals I love and enjoy the flexible hours I need to look after my 3 daughters. 

I have always adored animals and have had lots of different pets over the years; lizards, tortoise, hamsters, fish, gerbils and even chickens! Our much loved family pet is Rufus, our handsome 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

I feel so privileged being able to spend time outdoors walking and caring for our customers' wonderful dogs. They genuinely make me smile everyday! :-)



Hi, I'm Sue! 

I have two miniature schnauzers - Lola, who is 4 and still a crazy puppy! and Wilson who we rescued in January, 2020. He is a lot calmer at a mature 8 years old. 

I absolutely adore all animals but especially love dogs and cats. I joined the fab Walkies team just over a year ago and I have been so lucky to meet and look after your amazing pets! I give your pets all the love and attention I give my pups and really treat them as my own when they are in my care.


Hi, I am Lyn, the oldest member of The Walkies Team! 

I joined the team nearly a year ago. I love dogs but we lost our Golden Retriever two years ago, aged sixteen and a half, and decided not to have any more. It left a hole in our lives until Sam and Walkies came along and offered me a job doing Doggy Holidays and Home Stays. From that day I have never looked back.

I love all the dogs that come to stay. They are all such big characters so most of the days are spent with love and cuddles. I cry when the doggies have to leave but always look forward to the next stay.

I am very lucky to work for a company that supports me all the way and Sam and the team are always ready to help and give advice if needed.




Hi, I'm Carrie and I live on Kings Hill with my husband, 3 children and our furbaby Ted.

It's safe to say - I absolutely love dogs!

When I'm not walking and caring for your precious doggies, I volunteer at the RSPCA Leybourne as a Kennel Assistant. Some poor dogs aren't fortunate enough to have amazing owners like yourselves and I try my best to enrich their lives!




I live in West Farleigh with my husband, two teenaged daughters, 12 chickens, 5 ducks and a ragdoll cat! 

I have had dogs all my life ranging from Border Collies, German Shepherds, Mini Schnauzers and more recently, two Newfoundlands. We lost our latest one, Boycie, a few months ago and I've been pining for dogs ever since!

I work as a wedding cake maker whilst also book-keeping for my husband's loft conversion company.

I saw Walkies advertising and knew it was the job for me, I mean, who wouldn't want to be outdoors with dogs all day?!

Sam and the team are great and I am lucky to have found the perfect job, I have already fallen in love with so many of the doggies.

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