If your dog is left alone for more than a few hours a day, they may well start to get bored and act up. Our daycare is perfect for those who need a few more hours out of the house.

Daycare with Walkies is a great way to get your dog socialised and exercised sufficiently. Unlike some other dog-walkers, we collect your dogs in the morning and will return them worn out and happy in the afternoon. 

What we offer

  • FULL DAY (9am-2pm)

  • HALF DAY (10am-1pm)

  • EXTRA HOURS (Flexible pick-ups & drop-offs*)

When our field is closed, we will take your dog out, for the same hours, on a day of walks with us so they will still be efficiently exercised, socialised and happy.

*Times can be subject to change. We will work flexibly to fit around your required hours. This is easy to organise and change during booking.

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