If your dog is left alone for more than a few hours a day, they may well start to get bored and act up. Our daycare is perfect for those who need a few more hours out of the house.


Daycare with Walkies is a great way to get your dog socialised and exercised sufficiently. Unlike some other dog-walkers, we collect your dogs in the morning and will return them worn out and happy in the afternoon. 

What we offer

  • FULL DAY (9am-2pm)

  • HALF DAY (10am-1pm)

When our field is closed, we will take your dog out, for the same hours, on a day of walks with us so they will still be efficiently exercised, socialised and happy.

Times can be subject to change. We will work flexibly to fit around your required hours. This is easy to organise and change during booking.

For enquiries, contact us via phone: 07794 819673 or via email:


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